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New technologies. New solutions for the environment. New investments by SDTC.

June 26, 2020

Clean technology plays an important role in Canada’s economic recovery: the cleantech market is set to exceed $2.5 trillion by 2022 – just two years away. 

As Canadians return to work and seek new opportunities, cleantech companies are providing the green jobs of the future Currently, clean technology employs more than 180,000 Canadians. These are good, well-paying jobs that help reduce our environmental impacts and help meet Canada’s climate change goals 

SDTC is Canada’s leading funder of Canadian cleantech companies. From seed to start-up to scale-up, we fund trailblazers – leaders in their efforts to develop and demonstrate new environmental technologies that address climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil. 

In today’s challenging economic climate, investments in Canadian entrepreneurs are more important than ever. Today, we are excited to join Minister Navdeep Bains in announcing a total investment of $41.8M in 10 leading small businesses across Canada.  

Today’s announcement showcases the breadth of Canadian small businesses who are developing technologies  From Salient Energy’s longer lasting, recyclable batteries in Halifax, NS to Aspire Food Group’s automated cricket farm creating  a sustainable alternative to animal protein in Ontarioto Click Materials next-gen electrochomic windows in Vancouver, BC, innovation is thriving across the country.  

But that’s just a few of the wide range of ingenious new solutions being funded by SDTCAs part today’s announcement, SDTC is also investing in the following small businesses:  

  • In Montreal, QC, Anomera has created new class of cellulose microbeads, specifically crafted with wide-ranging benefits for cosmetics and skin care.  
  • Erthos Inc. in Toronto, ON are using the power of plants to help existing plastic manufacturers create single use plastics in a 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic way 
  • How many starts and stops do you think a garbage truck does in each route? Montreal’s Effenco has a cost-effective electronic technology for heavy duty trucks which has no emissions at stops. 
  • In Victoria, BC, Cryologisitics has solved the problem of food spoilage and inefficient energy usage on large refrigerated trailers. Their SnowShip is a liquid CO2powered, refrigerated shipping container that accommodates a standard size pallet. 
  • Imagine if your city has an on-demand routing system for municipal transit? In Toronto, ON, that’s exactly what Pantonium is developing. 
  • Based in Calgary, AB, Quebe Technologies is creating emissions reduction through artificial intelligence – their Methane monitors operate onsite and pick up emissions faster and more efficiently.  
  • Think about the improvement in the quality and yield of crops when you can create the sun where and when you need it. Sollum Technologies Inc in Montreal is developing artificial light technologies that can do just that. 


SDTC is invested in the success of entrepreneurs. In March, we took decisive action to support Canadian small businesses navigating this unprecedented economic reality during the pandemic crisis.  

In May, we announced the expansion of our Seed Fund, helping up to 100 more companies each year at their earliest stages of development. By partnering with local accelerators who work directly with Canada’s entrepreneurs, our Seed Fund offers an efficient and effective way to support an expanded network of entrepreneurs. 

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