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SDTC is committed to full transparency

Along with a listing of all projects we have funded since our inception in 2001, the following information highlights our policies and methodologies, demonstrating our high commitment to the Access to Information and Privacy act. We also proactively disclose our executive team’s expenses and other information we believe should be publicly available. 

For more information on the Access to Information and Privacy Act, check out our ATIP page.

Our History

SDTC maintains a funded project database containing technical and financial details at a project level since the inception of the fund in the document available below.

Our Policies

Sustainable Development Technology Canada shall ensure that it fulfills its mission with integrity and to a high ethical standard. Read the documents below to understand more about how we operate.

Code of Ethics

These comprehensive documents guide us in applying the principles that govern all our personal and professional conduct. They also outline our conflict-of-interest policies and procedures.

Privacy policy

This page guides us in regard to our collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Accessibility Plan

We are committed to creating an accessible environment. This document outlines that commitment and designates an action plan.

New Policy Coming Soon

Description goes here for new policy.

SDTC Assessments

As a Federal Foundation, SDTC, and its two funds, SD Tech Fund and NextGen Biofuels Fund (“NGBF”) are periodically subject to reviews, evaluations and audits from Government entities. This is in addition to annual financial statement audits from external audit firms, as indicated in our Annual Report.

SDTC Reviews, Evaluations and Audits

SDTC is subject to periodic organization-wide reviews, evaluations and/or audits.


SD Tech Fund Evaluations

As part of its Contribution Agreement with the Federal Government, the SD Tech Fund is subject to external evaluations of its program.


NGBF Evaluations

SDTC is subject to periodic organization-wide reviews, evaluations and/or audits.


Cross-government Evaluations

Periodically, SDTC is a party to cross-governmental evaluations involving multiple departments, Crown Corporations, Foundations etc.


Executive Team Expenses

SDTC, as a shared governance agency of the Government of Canada, is committed to transparency and accountability. This includes publishing a record of executive business travel and hospitality expenses.

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