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SDTC investments translate to economic and environmental benefits

At SDTC, we help Canadian companies develop and deploy competitive clean technology solutions, while also growing the Canadian economy.

We do this by:

  • Funding the development and demonstration of new environmental technologies
  • Fostering and encouraging collaboration among organizations in the private sector, academia, the not-for-profit sector, and others to develop and demonstrate new technologies
  • Promoting the timely diffusion of new technologies across key economic sectors in Canada

SDTC is focused on results and delivering value. We monitor, measure, and report the performance of each project undertaken by our portfolio companies. This allows us to demonstrate the impact of SDTC funding on Canada’s cleantech commercialization and to the economy as a whole.

Our Corporate Plans and Annual Reports share SDTC’s results reporting in their entirety, including financial information.

SDTC helps Canadian companies develop and deploy competitive clean technology solutions while also growing the Canadian economy.

Read about the economic and environmental impacts below and learn more about the companies we fund.

Economic Benefits

We use two primary metrics to measure the economic benefits derived by SDTC-supported companies: jobs and revenues. As of March 31, 2022, the Canadian sustainable technlogies that SDTC has invested in, have created 20,942 new jobs and are generating 3.1 billion in annual revenues.


Estimated total jobs (direct and indirect) attributable to SDTC-funded projects


Of SDTC funding to sustainable technology projects


Estimated annual revenues generated by SDTC companies


Estimated total follow-on financing generated by SDTC-funded companies since 2001

Environmental Benefits

Our primary measurement of environmental benefits is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions achieved by each SDTC-supported project undertaken by the companies we invest in.


megatonnes CO2e estimated annual GHG emissions reduction attributable to SDTC-supported technologies


Projects in market generating environmental benefits


In estimated annual savings to the Canadian economy due to air quality, clean water and clean soil benefits

Streamlined processes

We leverage the strengths of our lean organization and the expertise of our people to deliver a big impact. We have streamlined our application process to ensure we are putting our funds to work faster. We continue to transform how we do business, by restructuring how we operate and improving the speed and quality by which we do our business.


New projects approved in 2021–2022


Reduced approvals and contracting time