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Portfolio Companies

SDTC funds companies across Canada, bringing considerable economic and environmental benefits to Canadians. From seed to start-up to scale-up, each of these companies has taken its own unique journey toward commercialization. Read on to find out more about our portfolio companies and the projects we fund.

For a list of all projects funded since SDTC was established, please see the Funded Project Information on the Accountability tab.

Total Companies: 404

Stream Technologies Inc.

Machine learning simplified.

G2V Optics Inc.

Engineer the sun.


Tree stress optimization driven by machine learning.

Terramera Inc.

Natural products for agricultural pest control.

Ecoation Innovative Solutions Inc.

Automated pest and crop management platform for commercial greenhouses.


Precision soil analysis.


In-line sensors for dairy production.

SucSeed Social Enterprises Inc.

Educational hydroponics company with a social purpose.

CHAR Technologies

Decarbonizing for a circular economy through advanced design, technology & environmental services.

BioLiNE Corp.

High-quality fulvic acid and humic acid products.

Vive Crop Protection Inc.

Crop protection products.


Reducing food spoilage.

Atlantec BioEnergy Corp.

Extract sucrose used for the fermentation process from island-grown sugar beets.

Hortau Inc.

Irrigation management solutions.

KSM Inc.

Potassium sulphate (SOP) and potassium and magnesium sulphate (SOPM) fertilizers.