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Latest SDTC Seed Funding demonstrates scope of early and emerging-stage regional innovation

April 18, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario  

Today, Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) announced an investment of $2.8 million in 28 Canadian companies developing new technologies to combat the negative impacts of climate change, grow the circular economy and advance sustainable supply chain practices in areas including manufacturing, transportation and agriculture.   

This cohort of SDTC’s Seed Funding stream showcases the scope of innovation in Canada happening from coast to coast with funding recipients located in seven provinces. 

From turning coffee ground waste into new food ingredients, to restoring oilfields through novel software, to improving fabric recycling for the fashion industry, each recipient company is developing promising solutions to deliver significant environmental benefits to Canadians. 

SDTC Seed funding supports promising early-stage Canadian sustainable tech entrepreneurs by providing grants of $50,000 to $100,000 to innovative technology projects with the potential to generate economic and environmental benefits for Canada. Applicants for seed funding are nominated by SDTC’s partnership with Canadian accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurial service organizations. To learn more, click here.   


“The innovation economy transcends regional boundaries – geography should not limit a start-up’s potential to scale their unique and high-potential business offerings. SDTC’s Seed Funding program is uniquely positioned to help identify companies for investment in small centres and regions across the country that might not otherwise seek early-stage investment support.” 

– Zoë Kolbuc, SDTC Vice President, Ecosystems 

Companies approved for funding: 

Below are the 28 seed funding recipients approved by SDTC’s Board of Directors in March 2023, along with their nominating accelerators.  


HazTrack, supported by supported by Co.Labs, is bringing sustainable efficiencies to the energy industry through automated tank monitoring that reports data wirelessly to company teams, reducing the need for direct technician intervention. 

NULIFE GreenTech Inc., supported by Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre, is turning wet industrial waste into low-carbon fuels through its unique patented technology.  

British Columbia 

Lantern Machinery Analytics Inc., supported by Creative Destruction Lab, has developed imaging and analysis software to help factories make consistent lithium ion-based batteries, increasing yields to reduce waste and speeding product time to market.  

Nada Grocery Inc., supported by Spring Activator, is reducing the carbon footprint of our grocery shopping experience and reducing food waste through a package-free food supply chain service.  

Open Waters Design and Manufacturing, supported by HubSpace / Innovation Central Society, has developed solar energy generating insulated panels for heavy-duty refrigerator trailers, helping to divert the need for secondary diesel engines. 

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd., supported by The Alacrity Foundation of B.C., spearheads micro farming through vertically integrated indoor vertical farms in their communities, reducing waste and increasing quality produce.  

Sixone , supported by The Alacrity Foundation of B.C., is working to scale the recycling of plastics in post-consumer textiles, diverting them from landfills. 


Ayrton Energy Inc., supported by MaRS Discovery District, delivers a clean alternative to traditional grid services and fuel supply through liquid organic hydrogen stored and transported the same way as gasoline.  

Closure Liability Management Inc., supported by Social Innovation Canada, has created novel enterprise software to aid in oilfield restoration, eliminating harmful leaks of methane emissions.  

Litus Inc., supported by Innovate Calgary, has developed a novel extraction process that recovers double the amount of lithium used for electric cars and consumer electronics.  

SolarSteam, supported by Innovate Calgary, is working to provide low-cost renewable heat alternatives through solar energy for industrial and commercial use, from heating greenhouses to parkades.  

Swift Charge, supported by Social Innovation Canada, is expanding EV charging networks while modernizing grid infrastructure.  


enVgo Inc., supported by Waterloo Accelerator Centre, is working towards a zero-emission future by electrifying recreational boating activities by deploying hydrofoils (which act like airplane wings) on boats incorporating autonomous software.  

KiDrone, supported by Communitech, is scaling smart, rapid re-forestation techniques using heavy-lift, long-range, seed dispersal drones that will speed up and reduce the cost of replanting forests.   

LabsCubed, supported by Communitech, offers real-time plastics assessment to replace virgin material with cheaper, greener and more sustainable recycled plastic materials for the packaging industry.  

Material Futures Lab, supported by Verschuren Centre Inc., is curbing the harmful impacts of toxic dyes by developing non-GMO bio-produced colourants easily adaptable for use in fashion apparel, cosmetics and hair dye.   

Metafold 3D, supported by the MaRS Discovery District, has developed design software for 3d printing with unique patterns that can reduce the amount of material utilized in items ranging from running shoes to bioreactors.  

Ukko Agro, supported by Cultivator powered by Conexus Credit Union, is advancing the benefits of precision farming through predictive analytics software t that predicts if, when, and where to apply crop inputs with an initial focus on predicting pesticide application need and timing. 


BioIntelligence Technologies Inc., supported by Cycle Momentum, is accelerating biomanufacturing – to make various sustainable products like medicine, vaccines and food.  

BioSam, supported by District 3, has found a solution to chemical fertilization and improve crop nutrition through a microbe-based bio-stimulant that draws nitrogen and phosphorous from soil.  

Datanergie Inc., supported by 2 DegréS, decarbonizes indoor heating and cooling by harnessing waste heat from decentralized AI computing. 

Femtum Inc., supported by Quantino, is improving process yield and reducing waste in the semiconductor manufacturing industry with unique laser solutions. 

INLAN Inc., supported by TandemLaunch Ventures, has created a high-performance, versatile, battery-free tag for asset tracking in inventory management, factory automation, surveillance and security areas. 

Nova Scotia 

EARTHLI, supported by Invest Nova Scotia, spearheads a zero-waste production revolution by developing their 100% compostable, Canadian-grown, sustainable hemp-based alternative protein. 

Marine Thinking, supported by Volta, transforms traditional vessels into autonomous marine navigation vessels for patrol inspection, survey, and rescue operations.  

RFINE Biomass Solutions, supported by Emera ideaHUB, is advancing the circular economy by turning coffee ground waste into new food products and other functional ingredients.  

NovaResp Technologies, supported by Innovacorp, is helping people with sleep apnea while reducing impacts on landfills and lowering energy usages through a next-generation intelligent sustainable CPAP device.   

Newfoundland and Labrador  

Enaimco, supported by econext, has developed a virtual sub-sea oil and gas field work environment allowing clients to manage infrastructure assets remotely, avoiding costly and high-emitting vessel days at sea.