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2018/19 Goals and achievements outlined in Corporate Plan

January 5, 2020

To help Canadian companies compete, SDTC transformed its operations over the past year to keep up with the pace of business. We are committed to providing our companies with the support they need when they need it. Our approach is to be simple, streamlined, and scalable. In the last three years, faster decision-making has led to a 40 per cent increase in investments and disbursements.

With staff located across Canada, SDTC investments have touched all key sectors of the Canadian economy, including the agriculture, mining, transportation, construction, oil and gas, and waste management sectors. Innovative companies that we support are changing the way business is conducted by harnessing the power of big data, high-performance computing, sensors and the industrial internet of things, advanced materials, and a range of other emerging technologies. In doing so, they are paving the way for sustainable growth by reducing environmental impacts and creating an economic impact. For example, several SDTC companies are developing precision farming practices, helping boost crop yields while reducing energy, water, and chemical use.

SDTC’s Corporate Plan is required to be submitted annually, along with an Executive Summary. This document includes a statement of objectives for the coming fiscal year. Download the 2018-19 Corporate Plan here.