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SDTC invests $5 million in Next Hydrogen Solutions

December 19, 2022

Ottawa—Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is proud to announce an investment of $5 million in Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2007, this Mississauga, Ontario-based company has developed a novel alkaline water electrolyzer enabling the production of green hydrogen from intermittent renewable electricity on an industrial scale. This innovative technology will reduce more GHG emissions per year than other electrolyzers, while generating significant revenue and cost savings. SDTC funding will enable Next Hydrogen to develop and demonstrate their second and third generation electrolyzers.

“Unlocking the potential of green hydrogen is vital to achieving a net-zero future.” said SDTC President and CEO Leah Lawrence.  “Next Hydrogen is continuing to innovate with its second and third generation electrolyzers which will bring down the cost of hydrogen production. SDTC is proud to begin our partnership with Next Hydrogen in this exciting market.”

From coast to coast to coast, Canadians are executing big ideas that have the power to solve our most pressing environmental problems. As the largest funder of small and medium-sized sustainability companies in Canada, SDTC supports companies from seed to success.