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SDTC is committed to full transparency

At SDTC, we are committed to demonstrating transparency. Along with a listing of all projects we have funded since our inception in 2001, the following information highlights our commitments under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. We also proactively disclose our executive team’s expenses and other information we believe should be publicly available.

Our History

SDTC maintains a funded project database containing technical and financial details at a project level since the inception of the fund in the document available below.

Access to Information and the Privacy Act

The Access to Information Act is a federal statute that provides a process for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, persons physically in Canada, or corporations present in Canada to request access to any record of certain institutions of the federal government. These institutions, such as SDTC, are required to provide access to records under their control upon receiving formal request for information made pursuant to the Access to Information Act unless the records or portion thereof are exempted or excluded from disclosure.

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Submit a request

The Access to Information and Privacy Online Request Service offers a convenient way to make an access to information request or a a personal information request.

This service enables individuals to make an online request for information that is held by a Government of Canada institution, and eliminates the need to print, scan, and email or mail a form to an institution.

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Code of Ethics

Sustainable Development Technology Canada shall ensure that it fulfills its mission with integrity and to a high ethical standard. These documents guide us in applying the principles that govern all our personal and professional conduct. They also outline our conflict of interest policies and procedures. Read our Code of Ethics for Board Directors and for SDTC Employees and Contractors (including Expert Reviewers).

Expense Reporting

SDTC invests in projects across the country, which often requires our employees to travel to different regions in order to carry out day-to-day operations, conduct due diligence, monitor projects and meet with companies.

The rules and guidelines for reimbursing travel and hospitality expenses are contained in SDTC’s Travel and Expense Claim Policy*. This policy provides directives for reimbursement of legitimate and reasonable expenses incurred while conducting business on behalf of SDTC. Business travel and hospitality expenses on this site will be updated quarterly.

Please note that information that would not be disclosed under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act will not appear on this site.

Executive Team Expenses

SDTC, as a shared governance agency of the Government of Canada, is committed to transparency and accountability. This includes publishing a record of executive business travel and hospitality expenses.

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