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Investing in Canadians developing and advancing sustainable technologies

We invest
not just in projects, but in a company's future.

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) helps Canadian companies develop and deploy sustainable technologies by delivering critical funding support at every stage of their journey — from seed to success.

This support includes:

  • Funding the development and demonstration of new sustainable technologies.
  • Fostering and encouraging collaboration among organizations in the private sector, academia, the not-for-profit sector and others to develop and demonstrate new technologies.
  • Promoting the timely diffusion of new technologies across key economic sectors in Canada.

SDTC has three funding streams, each with their own unique criteria.

Icon of seed in a hand Seed Funding Facts
  • For early-stage company founders
  • One-time non-repayable contribution of $50,000 to $100,000 to validate an idea.
  • Must be nominated by one of SDTC’s 90+ accelerator partners.
  • Must have raised $100,000 to $200,000 from accredited investors.
  • For more information on Seed eligibility, check out our seed funding page.
Icon of gear in a hand Start-Up Funding Facts
  • For companies with a technology that has been proven at a small scale.
  • Ready to validate that technology in a market setting.
  • Have a well-defined project and a line of sight to financing.
  • Are engaged in discussions with potential customers.
  • Are working with customers to test the viability of their business models.
  • For more information on Start-up eligibility, check out our start-up/scale-up funding page.
Icon of a scale-up arrow Scale-Up Funding Facts
  • Targets advanced, high-growth companies.
  • On the path to delivering meaningful environmental outcomes.
  • Have a track record of success and are looking to accelerate their growth.
  • Want to strengthen their competitive advantage or unlock a larger customer base.
  • For more information on Scale-up eligibility, check out our start-up/scale-up funding page.

SDTC is an outcomes-based investor, driving impact through the economic and environmental returns of the technologies we fund.

We support entrepreneurs whose ideas have the potential to transform the economic and environmental outcomes of all sectors.

As the largest funder of Canadian sustainable small and medium-sized companies, SDTC offers window for the entrepreneurs who are leading the change to a net-zero economy. For more information on how SDTC is supporting entrepreneurs throughout their commercialization journey in all regions of Canada read our corporate strategy.

With our track record of comprehensive thinking and unwavering commitment to rigorous due diligence of the companies we invest in, SDTC investments provide a launching pad for companies to access future investment, customers, and support. Explore our companies page to discover the technologies we support in detail.


Canada’s Sustainability Changemakers

Canada’s Sustainability Changemakers is the first made-in-Canada list that recognizes homegrown innovation in sustainable technologies.  

These ten Canadian companies demonstrate outstanding growth and a track record of delivering on SDTC’s mandate of environmental and economic benefits for Canada, as determined by quarterly portfolio performance and outcomes indicators.  

This recognition has been made possible only by the extensive collection and analysis of data we have built in recent years.  

Read more on our 2023 Changemakers.


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