At SDTC, we are inspired by success

Since its inception in 2001, SDTC has funded more than 300 Canadian cleantech projects, bringing considerable economic and environmental benefits to Canada and Canadians. Our funded companies come in many shapes and sizes, and innovate in a number of key industries that drive the Canadian economy. From electric-vehicle batteries to waste-management solutions to new technologies in the mining sector, SDTC portfolio companies are tackling critical environmental issues and creating technologies that not only improve our air, land and water but do so more efficiently, competitively and sustainably than incumbent technologies. Each of these companies has taken its own unique journey toward technology commercialization and has an interesting story to tell.

In 2016, we started to document some of these stories. Our collection of SDTC Success Stories showcases the breadth and depth of cleantech experience in Canada and highlights how SDTC helped fund these companies at critical junctures on their road to market entry. Our library of stories will grow over time as we continue to fund the innovators, entrepreneurs and idea-makers operating in Canada’s cleantech space.

SDTC Success Stories

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc.

Airex Energy Inc.

BioAmber Sarnia Inc.

CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

CoolEdge Lighting Ltd.

Corvus Energy Ltd.



Enerkem Alberta Biofuels Lp


GaN Systems Inc.

General Fusion Inc.

Hifi Engineering Inc.

Integran Technologies Inc.

InvoDane Engineering Ltd.

MEG Energy Corp.

Milligan Biofuels Inc.

Minesense Technologies Ltd.

Morgan Solar Inc.

Nsolv Corp.

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

Pure Technologies Inc.

Ranovus Inc.

R.I.I. North America Inc.

Saltworks Technologies Inc.

SemiosBio Technologies Inc.

Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

Temporal Power Ltd.

Terramera Inc.

Westport Innovations Inc.