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Scaling-up Magnesium Production from Asbestos Tailings

Economic Sector
Waste Management
Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean airClean waterClean soil
Consortium members
Alliance Magnésium Inc.Seneca Experts-Conseils Inc.Shawinigan Aluminium
Year Approved
Year Announced
SDTC Funding
Leveraged Funding
Total Project Value

Lead organization:

Alliance Magnésium Inc.


Building on their successful pilot plant in Quebec, Alliance Magnesium is embarking on the second phase of demonstrating their innovative magnesium production technology. The process, which produces magnesium metal from tailings left over by mining activity, provides significant environmental benefits when compared to traditional production methods. The Alliance Magnesium process reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, conserves water and reduces the amount of tailings by recovering magnesium from tailings ponds. As the demand for magnesium increases in areas such as automotive manufacturing, where other heavier metals like steel or aluminum are traditionally used, Alliance Magnesium is poised to become a global leader in mining clean technology solutions.


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