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RF XL Heating for In Situ Bitumen Production

Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean waterClean soil
Consortium members
Acceleware Ltd.GE Global Research
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SDTC Funding
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Lead organization:

Acceleware Ltd.


Acceleware is an energy innovator that will work with a consortium including GE Global Research and an oil sands producer to test and commercialize its patent-pending RF XL heating technology. RF XL is different than any other heavy oil production technique, offering greatly improved environmental and economic performance. It uses controlled radio frequency (RF) energy, instead of steam to heat and mobilize bitumen in situ, and can produce a range of previously untapped formations, including deep, thin, or shallow reservoirs. It requires no solvents, less land, zero external water and far less energy to produce heavy oil and oil sands when compared to other production methods. RF XL also offers a new level of deployment flexibility and ease, using proven power technologies and relying on industry standard down hole equipment and processes, allowing for quick and simple deployment. The solution dramatically lowers GHGs, providing a clear path to zero GHG emissions, while requiring exceptionally lower capital and operating costs when compared to existing methods. RF XL has met or exceeded all expectations in Phase 1 field testing, and the consortium will deploy a commercial scale RF XL system in an oil sands reservoir to test its performance.


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