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Project Clarity

Economic Sector
Power Generation
Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean air
Consortium members
Clir Renewables Inc.AltaGas Ltd.Capstone PowerZero Emissions Pennask LP
Year Approved
Year Announced
SDTC Funding
Leveraged Funding
Total Project Value

Lead organization:

Clir Renewables Inc.


Clir Renewables is using data and automation to help wind farms optimize power production, and ultimately increase the growth of renewable energy by making wind energy a more profitable and attractive energy option. Wind farms often fail to meet their power production expectations. Uncertain wind conditions, conflicted service providers, massive amounts of data and outdated system analytics cause hardware performance issues to be misunderstood or even go undetected, making wind farms produce less electricity than they could if the issues were addressed. By modifying existing analytics and taking a holistic approach, Clir finds exactly where problems are occurring and provides recommendations for how those problems can be fixed. Clir is developing an innovative suite of analysis tools – from wind analytics and modeling, to turbine engineering to asset management and financial planning – their software improves every aspect of wind farm operations. With the help of leading industry partners and SDTC, Clir is accelerating their product development with the intent of becoming the world leading renewable energy performance management software provider.


British Columbia
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