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Long Duration Energy Storage Technology for Solar Energy

Economic Sector
Power Generation
Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean air
Consortium members
e-Zn Inc.Broy EngineeringCanadian SolarNewesoalr
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SDTC Funding
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Lead organization:

e-Zn Inc.


Toronto-based e-Zn has developed an electrochemical reactor technology, for storing electrical energy in zinc metal. Due to the low cost of zinc and its unique design, e-Zn’s innovative technology allows for very economical energy storage. With application capabilities beyond conventional batteries at a price competitive with the least expensive forms of bulk energy storage, it offers superior flexibility of scale and deployment. The e-Zn reactor is a uniquely structured cell with three distinct sections for energy absorption (charging), energy delivery (discharging) and energy storage. The technology offers many advantages over conventional rechargeable batteries, including a low cost of capacity scaling, an inherently long life with no capacity fading and improved safety. As part of this project, e-Zn will scale up its 20-watt/500 kilowatt-hour prototype reactor to a demonstration-level, energy storage system rated at one kilowatt/24 kilowatt-hours.


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