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High efficiency energy storage for electrical utility regulation/peaking

Economic Sector
Power Generation
Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean air
Consortium members
Shipstone Corp.Shipstone Energy Corp.TransAlta Corp.
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SDTC Funding
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Lead organization:

Shipstone Corp.


Globally, power generation and transmission systems are currently constrained by limited capacity, and, at peak loading, suffer from significant inefficiencies. This is driving strong demand for efficient and cost-effective storage solutions that are flexible and scalable. Shipstone is proposing to develop and demonstrate a highly flexible, modular, scalable, fast response and efficient compression technology useful for both short duration and low capacity (>20 kW for >5 minutes) and long duration and high capacity (10’s to 100’s of MW for hours) energy storage applications. Shipstone’s technology offers a very simple approach to compression that maximizes rapid heat exchange, and hence efficiency. Shipstone uses low cost off-the-shelf and widely available components, which means the technology can be rolled out rapidly at mass scale Furthermore, the Shipstone technology is pressure reservoir agnostic and can be used with tube trailers, pressure vessels, compressed gas bottles, and geologic formations, depending on the storage capacity needed and the application. Based on results to date and engineering analysis, Shipstone expects its technology to compare favorably incost and performance relative to existing and emerging alternatives such as other compression technologies, flow batteries and lithium ion batteries.


British Columbia
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