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FleetCarma Smart-Charging

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Climate changeClean air
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FleetCarmaBC HydroBurlington Hydro Inc.NB PowerOakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc.SiemensThe University of British Columbia
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The need to charge the increasing number of PEVs (the number of plug-in electric vehicles is expected to grow to more than 2.7M in 2023 compared to 296k in 2014) is putting pressure on electricity generation and distribution during peak power demand periods of the day. This pressure can be reduced if the PEVs are enrolled in a smart-charging program. One obstacle to smart charging is that each vehicle manufacturer has its own system for tracking and logging a PEV fleet’s usage and need for re-charging; having vehicle-side data across models and manufacturers is necessary. CrossChasm’s FleetCarma C5 logger is able to read proprietary signals from 24 different electric vehicle models, including all PEVs sold in North America. It will combine the vehicle’s current battery state-of-charge with the owner’s charging preferences to determine the optimal charging schedule for the EV owner and signal to the grid operator the availability of the charger for demand response.


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