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Electro-Kinetic Reclamation of Oil Sands Tailings Development and Field Demonstration

Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean airClean waterClean soil
Consortium members
Electro Kinetic Solutions Inc.Suncor Energy Inc.
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Lead organization:

Electro Kinetic Solutions Inc.


The oil sands extraction process can result in tailings ponds, bodies of water filled with a mixture of water, clay, sand and residual bitumen. Electro-Kinetic Solutions (EKS) will demonstrate their low-current, electrode array, which will apply an electric field to separate water from oil sands tailings and simultaneously compact the solids. The technology has the potential to reduce the cost of treating tailings while recovering significant amounts of water for re-use. This project will demonstrate that the technology is practical and economically feasible at large scale. EKS estimates that its process could allow oil sands operators to meet stringent tailings reclamation requirements at a lower cost than incumbent approaches and recycle over 200 million m3 of water annually by 2023.


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