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Development of High Performance Lithium Ion Battery Modules for Electric Buses and Other Heavy Duty Vehicles

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Electrovaya Corp.
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Lead organization:

Electrovaya Corp.


Not far behind electric car usage, electric buses, trucks and commercial vehicles are on the cusp of widespread adoption. Electric heavy-duty and commercial vehicle usage is anticipated to rapidly increase as a number of countries focus on driving down pollution and the use of fossil fuels. Electrovaya Corp. is proposing to design, develop and build battery modules capable of being scaled for electric commercial vehicle applications. These batteries will be integrated into commercial vehicles and demonstrated in actual road conditions.

In this project, Electrovaya will work to build battery modules that meet the thermal, mechanical, safety and energy density requirements for commercial vehicles. Moreover, Electrovaya will work to develop higher-energy density cells for these larger vehicles, decreasing the relative energy storage costs while improving range and capability. The proposed project will aim to develop the battery system to leverage the company’s existing key technological advantages: cycle life, safety and battery management systems.


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