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Construction of a pre-commercial scale cellulosic sugar facility

Economic Sector
Energy Utilization
Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean water
Consortium members
Comet Biorefining Inc.BioAmberDomtarUPM
Year Approved
Year Announced
SDTC Funding
Leveraged Funding
Total Project Value

Lead organization:

Comet Biorefining, Inc.


Bio-based products can potentially replace petro-based products in a range of industries, improving sustainability through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Comet Biorefining’s proprietary technology converts non-food biomass, such as agricultural and forest material, into high-purity dextrose sugar. The sugar can be transformed into a range of renewable chemicals and biomaterials and valuable by-products from the process can be used for animal nutrition and performance chemicals. Involving industry leaders across the supply chain, such as SDTC-funded BioAmber, this project will build a 200 tonnes/day demonstration facility to test the technology and develop upstream and downstream partnerships for large-scale commercialization.


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