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CO2 Capture

Economic Sector
Waste Management
Environmental Benefits
Climate change
Consortium members
CO2 Solutions Inc.ResoluteSerres ToundraTechnoclimat
Year Approved
Year Announced
SDTC Funding
Leveraged Funding
Total Project Value

Lead organization:

CO2 Solutions Inc.


Conventional amine-based carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technologies that reduce emissions are costly and toxic. CO2 Solutions’ enzymatic and environmentally benign technology lowers costs by over half by greater energy efficiency. This demonstration project represents an important scale-up step for this technology as it approaches commercialization. As a result of it, the technology will be made applicable to broad range of commercial CO2 capture markets, most notably for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS). Note: The funding from SDTC for this project includes funds from the Canadian Gas Association.


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