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Carbicrete Pre-Commercial Scale-Up

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Climate changeClean airClean waterClean soil
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CarbicreteHarscoPraxairPatio Drummond
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Carbicrete is tackling GHG emissions from the concrete industry through their process that enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete. Currently, the cement industry accounts for 5% of the world’s GHG emissions. Its production requires the heating of limestone, which releases CO2 directly, and the burning of fossil fuels to heat the kiln, which releases CO2 indirectly. Carbicrete is aiming to optimize a process to produce cement-free, carbon-negative concrete. The resulting concrete will be integrated into an operational environment, with production moving toward full industrial scale. Carbicrete’s technology replaces cement in the content mix with steel slag, avoiding the emissions that come with cement production and uses CO2 instead of heat and steam to cure its concrete, enabling concrete makers to produce construction blocks that are stronger, less expensive and reduce their carbon footprint.


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