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Automated Decision Support System for Precision Agriculture

Economic Sector
Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean waterClean soil
Consortium members
Farmers Edge CorporationMitsui & Company Ltd
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Lead organization:

Farmers Edge Corporation


While one acre of seeded land could feed one person in 1960, that same acre will need to feed three people by 2025. Climate change is expected to further stress the availability of water and land necessary for crop production while urbanization reduces the amount prime seeded land around cities. Although the sustainable intensification of agriculture will rely on genetics, crop protection and harvest technologies, a large part of the efficiency gains required to meet the global food demand will result from precision agriculture (PrAg) technologies. Farmers Edge Inc. is a Canadian developer of PrAg solutions that currently provides data-enabled agronomy services to more than 1.5 million acres of farmland (mostly in Canada). Farmers Edge flagship product is aptly named FarmCommand; it is an integrated farm management software platform that focuses on image-based variable rate fertilizer recommendations as a support to traditional agronomy services. This project focuses on the development and large-scale demonstration of FarmCommand 2.0 (FC2.0), a PrAg platform comprising hardware, software and agronomy services that will provide farmers with new decision support components including variable-rate irrigation and variable-rate pest management, as well as an improved variable-rate fertilizer component.


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