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Atlantec Ethanol Biorefinery

Economic Sector
Environmental Benefits
Clean airClean waterClean soilClimate change
Consortium members
Atlantec BioEnergy Corp.Horst ConstructionIsland Coastal Services Ltd.Lancaster Propane Gas
Year Approved
Year Announced
SDTC Funding
Leveraged Funding
Total Project Value

Lead organization:

Atlantec BioEnergy Corp.


Atlantec BioEnergy Corp. will build a 300,000 litres per year pilot scale ethanol biorefinery in Atlantic Canada, using locally grown sugar beets as the main feedstock. The plant will feature an integrated anaerobic digester, generator set, and nutrient refinery. This first in the world design configuration will result in a net energy neutral and process water neutral facility, while producing ethanol, electricity,and a liquid fertilizer byproduct specifically optimized for the feedstock growing conditions. This technology will offer additional revenue streams for Maritime farmers − who will be required by the company to rotate traditional potato crops on a 3 to 4 year cycle − while helping the soil retain essential nutrients.


Prince Edward Island
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