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Arsenic Vitrification Demonstration Plant

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Waste Management
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Dundee Sustainable TechnologiesDundee Precious MetalsLes Industries Fournier
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Dundee Sustainable Technologies


Found in the earth’s crust, arsenic is a highly toxic element that can be released by mining activities, and poses a threat to our environment. As “clean” deposits are being depleted worldwide, the mining industry has been turning towards deposits that contain arsenic. At present, some mining activities extract significant amounts of arsenic that are concentrated during metal extraction. The presence of arsenic in desired mining areas has previously prevented mining projects from going into operation or has necessitated treatment solutions for arsenic that were either uneconomical or failed to meet recognized environmental standards.
Dundee Sustainable Technologies (DST) has developed a technology that sequesters the arsenic (released from mining operations and traps it in a stable, non-toxic glass matrix). This is a method that meets or exceeds widely accepted environmental standards while being significantly cheaper than what is currently available. DST’s technology can be integrated with new or existing mining operations and results in an overall cleaner exploitation of ore from deposits. It also has the potential to clean up previously abandoned mining sites where arsenical wastes remain and are now threatening the ecosystem.
Building on successful pilot scale testing campaigns, DST is now about to build a demonstration plant in Canada, capable of producing up to 8 tonnes of glass per day, that will then be transported overseas and installed at an industrial site to showcase the technology at the demonstration level.


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