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Affordable Combined heat & Power System

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Power Generation
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Climate change
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NextGrid Inc.Delafield PTYGreen Turbine VOzz Energy
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Lead organization:

NextGrid Inc.


Businesses and consumers in North America depend on a patchwork of local providers to deliver electricity through what has become commonly known as the “grid”. This centralized model of delivering electricity to consumers is broken and the American Society of Engineers estimates that a $673-billion investment by 2020 will be required to fix the national grid in the United States. The result of this investment will be a steady increase in the price of electricity for consumers for years to come. To combat rising electricity prices, NextGrid Inc. proposes to decentralize electricity production. NextGrid’s combined heat and power (CHP) system is a revolutionary platform (patent pending) that uses a micro-steam turbine to generate heat and electricity; the generators are the most fuel-efficient in the world with up to 95 percent of all fuel used converted to heat and/or electricity. NextGrid’s CHP technology can substantively lower our carbon footprint, with NOx emissions at an industry leading 0-3 PPM and a predicted 47 percent reduction in GHG emissions when compared to incumbent technologies. Note: The funding from SDTC for this project includes funds from the Canadian Gas Association.


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