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Adaptive Transportation Management – Efficient Traffic Routing

Economic Sector
Environmental Benefits
Climate changeClean air
Consortium members
Miovision Technologies IncorporatedRegion of Waterloo
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SDTC Funding
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Lead organization:

Miovision Technologies Incorporated


Cars in urban centres spend as much as a quarter of their time idling at intersections, wasting fuel and emitting GHGs. Current solutions use rule-based functions and pre-defined scripts for a given set of traffic conditions (timers, recognition of peak usage) to flow vehicles through a given intersection. Miovision’s adaptive traffic signal control system “watches” an intersection using a set of integrated technologies, including wireless connectivity, cloud-based computing, and a single 360° camera. The system is capable of learning and analyzing real-time conditions, as often as 10 times per minute, causing the traffic lights to change in order to optimize traffic flow and reduce idling. The technology could reduce travel time – and related fuel need and environmental impacts – by over 20 percent.


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