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In many jurisdictions, existing government policies mandate fossil-fuel producers to reduce their carbon footprint by blending renewable biofuels into existing products. In addition, shifting government policies favour cellulose-based biofuels, incentivizing carbon-reduction potential rather than biofuel volumes. Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CPPI), a leading global producer of premium pulp and paper, and Licella Fibre Fuels Pty Ltd. (Licella), an Australian biofuels production start-up, have formed a joint venture in which the companies will seek to use Licella’s technology to economically convert biomass into biocrude. Using Licella’s first-of-kind Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat- HTR) technology that converts low-value biomass from wood waste and pulp mill waste to clean, sustainable biofuel, the companies will convert wood residues from CPPI’s pulp mills in Prince George, BC, into biocrude oil which can be refined by existing refineries into next-generation biofuels and biochemicals. The agreement follows preliminary trials conducted in Australia where Licella successfully converted wood residue streams (wood and black liquor) originating from CPPI’s kraft process into a stable biocrude oil.


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