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Fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) are a vital component in the shift to lower-emission transportation. Multiple automotive manufacturers (OEMs) are currently launching or planning to launch extensive fuel-cell vehicle fleets with global production of FCVs expected to exceed 70,000 vehicles annually by 2027. The biggest challenge remaining for automotive fuel cells is cost. Mass-market adoption will not occur until performance and cost targets are met concurrently. Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. (AFCC) is a world leader in automotive fuel-cell technology; its fuel-cell stack technology provides best-in-class performance and durability. Building on previous-generation technology, in this project AFCC will optimize design, produce and demonstrate its GEN 4 fuel-cell stack technology as well as concurrently conduct advanced engineering on its next-generation GEN 5 technology. When completed, consortium partner Daimler AG will roll out the GEN 4 fuel-cell stack demonstration vehicles. Additionally, AFCC will deliver the detailed design for the proof-of-concept GEN 5 fuel-cell stack.


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