Demonstration of Smart Controller for Electrical Substations

Electricity grids are seeing larger conventional and new demands such as the growing use of electric vehicles. To meet these challenges, grid operators are adjusting to the need of incorporating distributed generation, which risks producing damaging power surges. Power Measurement Ltd. is developing a Smart Controller for Electrical Substations (SCES), a device that will provide the real-time ability to switch the source of electricity between the grid, distributed generation or storage.

ION Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) System Demonstration Project

Power Measurement Ltd. (PML), now a wholly owned subsidiary of Schneider Electric, developed an Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) system to continually collect and analyze the amount of energy and/or materials used by specific processes and pieces of equipment. This technology is expected to facilitate more informed decisions about energy and water conservation strategies, leading to reductions in energy and water use and, consequently, GHG and CAC emissions.