The Funding Portal Inc. reported today that it has launched The Funding Portal_Cleantech—a new online service that assists cleantech companies to secure financing to support their R&D and commercialization efforts.

Cleantech ranks third in terms of attracting private sector investment, according to the findings of The Funding Portal in 2013. It is one of Canada’s highest growth sectors, attracting 187% more venture capital investment in 2013 than the year prior.

The new platform, online at, aims to help accelerate the sector’s growth by leveraging The Funding Portal’s comprehensive suite of services for securing government funding and private sector financing.

“The new Cleantech portal will create a common destination and systems for matching cleantech investment opportunities into sources of financing,” said Teri Kirk, CEO, The Funding Portal. “Our partnerships with investor groups including NACO, NAO, and industry, play an important role in building out the portal as an investment hub for Canada’s innovations sector.”

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), Canada’s premier funder of clean technology solutions on behalf of the Government of Canada, is working in collaboration with the portal to guide and support the future development of the platform.

SDTC’s portfolio is currently comprised of 269 cleantech projects valued at $2.5 billion. In order to increase access to financing for cleantech companies and the sector more broadly, SDTC supports The Funding Portal_CleanTech as a means to access thousands of Canadian investors, government funders, and commercialization partners.

“One of SDTC’s goals is to encourage investment in cleantech innovations that deliver financing and environmental returns. The Funding Portal_CleanTech platform helps bring opportunities in front of investors and put them on the path to commercialization,” said Jane Pagel, Acting CEO for SDTC. “The portal is one great way to pull together the players needed to build out Canada’s capabilities in cleantech R&D.”

“The Funding Portal_Cleantech platform is also an excellent way to increase SDTC’s visibility to cleantech entrepreneurs and their opportunities for technology demonstration funding consideration through the SD Tech Fund™ and the SD Natural Gas Fund™,” added John Adams, Vice-President, Industry, SDTC.

The Funding Portal was registered this spring as Canada's first Exempt Market Dealer portal able to assist companies into both government funding and private financing. This allows it to facilitate matches and deals among researchers, funders, investors and commercialization partners. To date, the portal has launched two sector-specific portals, one for cleantech and one for healthtech. The Funding Portal_Healthtech will also be launched in September in partnership with University Health Network (UHN).

About The Funding Portal
The Funding Portal is a comprehensive service that improves access to both government funding and private financing in Canada. The portal aggregates information on more than 7,000 sources of funding online, providing unique data analytics products as well as access to partners and services that greatly improve the ability of companies, institutions and non-profits to secure the funding they seek. More than 17,000 Canadian organizations use The Funding Portal to find funding each month.

About SDTC
On behalf of the Government of Canada, Sustainable Development Technology Canada helps move Canadian clean technologies forward, readying them for growth and export markets. With a portfolio of companies under management valued at more than $2.5 billion, SDTC is demonstrating that cleantech is a driver of jobs, productivity and economic prosperity. SDTC works with the private sector and all levels of government to meet the Government of Canada’s commitment to create a healthy environment and a high quality of life for all Canadians. SDTC operates as a not-for-profit corporation.