Funding Gap Video

At SDTC, our job is to fund cleantech projects and coach entrepreneurs to support their path to success. We thrive on supporting you as you get your ground-breaking technologies to market, where your product can enable the economic growth and environmental progress Canada needs.  So-- do you have a project that has the potential to meet market demand and to achieve Canada’s environmental and economic goals? Check out our video.

Talking Energy

At SDTC, we talk a lot about the importance of partnership to cleantech success. We don’t just mean the success of our projects; we also mean Canada’s success overall in realizing the goal of a sustainable energy future.

SDTC: At the nexus of the economy and the environment

A ball filled with sensitive monitoring equipment that travels along an oil pipeline and sends back messages on the pipeline’s integrity allowing the operator to make a repair if there is a leak. An electric car powered by a made-in-Canada lithium ion battery. A major biofuels plant that boosted employment in a Canadian city whose prospects dipped when its part of the energy industry tumbled. Technological solutions can solve diverse and difficult environmental challenges. Canadian entrepreneurs are delivering these solutions and more for those who need them the most.