It sounds like the beginning of a joke: What happens when representatives from companies innovating technologies in lighting, oil-and-gas, water filtration, transportation, and crop protection walk into a room filled with almost 150 investors and capital markets professionals?

But it’s no joke: Pitches are made. Relationships are built. It’s that momentum that leads to much needed capital to scale some of the most promising clean technology companies in Canada into world leaders.  

SDTC and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) profiled 11 SDTC-funded companies, plus 5 other clean technology companies to some of the top Capital Markets players  at the 9th “TSX SDTC Industrial and Clean Technology Investor Day” on September 17, 2015 at the TMX Gallery in Toronto.  

Since 2008, SDTC and TSX/TSXV have brought together close to 70 of the top emerging and established clean technology companies with over 800 capital market professionals across Canada and the United States through this marquee event.  

“SDTC has one of the largest portfolios of high-growth cleantech companies. On a combined basis, TSX and TSXV are ranked as the #1 exchange in the world for number of listed clean technology companies,” said Zoltan Tompa, Director of Partnerships at SDTC.  “Together, we have a unique opportunity to unlock the growth capital needed to scale Canadian clean technology into global markets.”   

"We were thrilled to partner with SDTC again this year to promote Canada's industrial technology and clean technology sectors," said Michael Kousaie, Head of Business Development, Technology, TSX and TSX Venture Exchange. "The Investor Day provides a great platform to showcase Canadian leaders and emerging players within industries that represent a powerful economic opportunity for our country."

Company representatives pitched to investors, highlighting their technology and most importantly the growth potential of their company. Investors scribbled notes and subsequently met with company management that could lead to further investment in the months or years to come.

Featured SDTC-funded companies were:

  • Ballard Power: A provider of advanced power systems for customers requiring reliable and cost effective solutions for critical motive and stationary applications.   
  • Corvus: Provides energy storage solutions for marine, oil and gas, and port applications.
  • Carmanah:  A producer of solar LED lights and solar power systems for durable, dependable and cost effective energy alternative.
  • Cooledge: Produces scalable, extremely energy efficient lighting products.
  • Hifi: Produces cutting-edge pipeline integrity monitoring systems using fiber optics for the monitoring of acoustics, temperature and vibration/strain.
  • Fibracast: Produces a membrane technology that combines the best attributes of existing industry products with capital and operating cost advantages.
  • New Flyer: Offers a product line including drive systems powered by: clean diesel, natural gas, electric trolley, fuel cell, diesel-electricity hybrid and now battery-electric.
  • Miovision: Produces the industry-leading traffic data collection solution that could lead to better traffic flow, reducing GHG emissions from cars on the road.
  • Orbite Technologies: Uses a proprietary process that is expected to produce alumina and other high-value products, such as rare earth and rare metal oxides, at one of the lowest costs in the industry and in a sustainable fashion.
  • Switch: Produces a proprietary smart window film technology that provides user control of light, solar heat gain, and glare in vehicles to reduce energy use.
  • Vive: Produces improved pesticides that help farmers maximize crop yields and are good for the environment.