“Empowering Canada’s Cleantech Entrepreneurs.” That’s what we seek to do at SDTC. We have found that the formula for excellence on the cleantech stage is to fund technology development and demonstration – and support the entrepreneurs that lead it. Every now and then we have to check on our progress towards meeting our goals to make sure we have made some headway to helping Canada realise its cleantech potential. 

So we did just that – and we’re pretty proud of the results. We have just released an overview of SDTC that speaks highly of our ability to get cleantech closer to market, and to support the entrepreneurs that develop those technologies.

Some highlights:

  • SDTC’s portfolio is strong, with almost 300 projects and a portfolio value of over $2.7 billion.
  • SDTC funded companies reported $1.1 billion in revenues and created 8,200 direct and indirect jobs.
  • SDTC’s funded projects have brought about the environmental benefit they were supposed to, with GHG reductions in 2014 of 4.5 million tonnes – or the equivalent of taking 950,000 cars off the road that year.

For more, please see the interactive PDF with links to more information.