SDTC has some great news for any small- and medium-sized cleantech businesses that may be looking for qualified technical employees to join their companies.

Colleges and Institutes of Canada (CICan) recently launched the Clean Tech Internship, which provides an opportunity for cleantech businesses to take on highly-qualified interns thanks to support from the Government of Canada.

The CICan Clean Tech Internship will help provide opportunities for College students and recent graduates to work for eligible employers who work to contribute to improved environmental and economic outcomes within Canada.

Eligible employers can receive a grant of up to $12,000 when they hire an intern and for those SDTC portfolio companies who are interested in this opportunity – you are able to use SDTC’s funding to offset the cost of the intern as well!

This is an excellent opportunity for employers looking to find qualified employees with practical experience and also helps Canadian students apply their knowledge and technical skills in a real-life work environment.

We encourage interested companies to find out more by visiting CICan’s website for more information or contact Gillian Cartwright at SDTC.