We do what we do for the environmental and health benefits that these clean technologies can provide to all Canadians. But we know we can’t change the world alone—that is why we are proud to announce our new partnership with Bullfrog Power, a company that helps homes and businesses in Canada reduce their environmental impact.

So what is Bullfrog Power? It’s actually a pretty cool concept—and one we are really excited to be a part of— when you sign on with Bullfrog they will inject 100% clean and renewable electricity or natural gas (in our case we have purchased both) into the energy system within your region to match the amount of electricity used by your home or business.

Currently Bullfrog Power has thousands of Canadian homes and businesses buying in to do their part to prevent pollution, waste, and help to slow the global climate-change problem. We are honoured to be listed on the bullfrogpowered Green Index, which is the only national listing of businesses choosing renewable energy in Canada. We encourage you to support the companies and organizations listed on this index who, through their support of Bullfrog Power, demonstrate the same commitment to the environment as we do, check them out: http://www.bullfrogpower.com/powered/greenindex.cfm

By choosing to be part of the Bullfrog Power movement, we are ”walking the walk” and are helping to reshape the Canadian energy landscape one Megawatt per hour and one gigajoule at a time.

To learn more about the potential for a world powered by renewable energy visit: http://www.bullfrogpower.com/