Our next funding round will be open from August 26 until October 14, 2015. As you think about applying, here are three ways you can tell if your project is a good fit for SDTC funding:

1. You have an amazing new clean technology that needs to get to market.
The Government of Canada created us in 2001 to help get Canadian clean technologies get out of the lab and on the road to commercialization. Clean technologies are innovations with clear, direct environmental benefits like cleaner air, water or soil, or renewable energy. If someone comes to us with a truly mindblowing technology that has no environmental benefits, we can’t fund it. But if your solution is an environmental solution, you may be an SDTC fit.

2. You’re at the development and demonstration stage.
We were created to fill a very specific funding gap — the stage of development and demonstration, once R&D is done and technologies need to be proven out on an industrial scale with real users. So if you’re still doing fundamental research or already have a product in the marketplace, you should look to other funding sources. But if you’re at the point where you need to put your technology to the test in the real world, that’s another sign you’re an SDTC fit.

3. You have a clearly defined project with partners on board.
We fund projects, not companies or technologies. That means you need to have a defined scope of work with a clear goal to qualify for SDTC funding. We also require every project we fund to involve a consortium of partners, including end users. By having your entire value chain represented, you stand a stronger chance of getting your innovation to market with the confidence it will gain traction. 

If that sounds like you...
So, if you have a clean technology ready for demonstration on a real-world scale, and a consortium of partners ready to participate in your project, we definitely want to hear from you. 

Connect with us to find out more. Our funding advisors will be happy to explain our requirements and help you determine your eligibility.