Environmental finance is dead; long live environmental finance!

We are indeed entering into a new era – an era in which the ways we support and organize cleantech innovation will change. And the time is right: the world’s leaders are about to go into a meeting to discuss, essentially, how to save the planet.

Balloons. They set the scene for festivity, for celebration… for energy storage.

For energy storage? While this may seem unexpected, when it comes to cleantech innovation, you can expect the unexpected. SDTC-funded Hydrostor recently unveiled its impressive underwater compressed energy storage system – essentially, balloons filled with air under Lake Ontario, ready to release that air and spin turbines that would feed energy into the grid on an as-needed basis. The technology, developed with SDTC funding and in partnership with Toronto Hydro, officially went into operation on Wednesday.

SDTC releases progress report

“Empowering Canada’s Cleantech Entrepreneurs.” That’s what we seek to do at SDTC. We have found that the formula for excellence on the cleantech stage is to fund technology development and demonstration – and support the entrepreneurs that lead it. Every now and then we have to check on our progress towards meeting our goals to make sure we have made some headway to helping Canada realise its cleantech potential. 

Congratulations to two SDTC-funded companies!

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) has announced its top 30 finalists for the 2015 GCCA Later Stage Awards, and SDTC is pleased to see not one but two of our companies on this list. Sincere congratulations to Etalim and Semios

Looking for qualified technical personnel?

SDTC has some great news for any small- and medium-sized cleantech businesses that may be looking for qualified technical employees to join their companies.

Colleges and Institutes of Canada (CICan) recently launched the Clean Tech Internship, which provides an opportunity for cleantech businesses to take on highly-qualified interns thanks to support from the Government of Canada.

TSX/SDTC Industrial & Clean Technology Investor Day

It sounds like the beginning of a joke: What happens when representatives from companies innovating technologies in lighting, oil-and-gas, water filtration, transportation, and crop protection walk into a room filled with almost 150 investors and capital markets professionals?

But it’s no joke: Pitches are made. Relationships are built. It’s that momentum that leads to much needed capital to scale some of the most promising clean technology companies in Canada into world leaders.  

ERA Grand Challenge

Do you have a technology that converts CO2 into a valuable product and believe that it can be developed and implemented in the next 3-5 years?

We wanted to share some exciting news from our friends at Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA, formerly CCEMC) for any cleantech entrepreneurs who want to transform their big ideas into a better future!

Bullfrog Power

We do what we do for the environmental and health benefits that these clean technologies can provide to all Canadians. But we know we can’t change the world alone—that is why we are proud to announce our new partnership with Bullfrog Power, a company that helps homes and businesses in Canada reduce their environmental impact.

Round Opening

At SDTC, we fund Canadian cleantech projects and support companies in getting their ground-breaking technologies to market.

We are pleased to announce that the SD Tech and the SD Natural Gas Funds are currently accepting applications for funding from now until October 14, 2015.

Curious about what you need to know to apply? No problem. If you want to better understand the potential fit of your cleantech solution with our funds, the application process, or our key evaluation criteria, you have a number of options.

3 ways to know you’re an SDTC fit

Our next funding round will be open from August 26 until October 14, 2015. As you think about applying, here are three ways you can tell if your project is a good fit for SDTC funding: