The SD Tech Fund supports cleantech projects that address climate change, air quality, clean water and clean soil.

Additional information:

What is it all about?

The SD Tech Fund is designed to support the development and pre-commercial demonstration of cleantech solutions. Our aim is to increase each solution’s chances of successfully making it to the marketplace, and help Canadian entrepreneurs carry out their innovation efforts within Canada. We support only the most innovative technologies; those with the potential to meet market demand and to achieve Canada’s environmental and economic goals in priority areas. The Government of Canada has allocated a total of $915 million for the fund.

Every cleantech project considered for SDTC funding (note that we fund projects, not companies) is subject to a multi-phased application process that includes stringent due diligence -- we must ensure funds are invested wisely on behalf of Canadians. Our process combines the same attention to technology and market aspects of due diligence as that of the private sector, with an additional layer of appraisal that examines broad public environmental, economic and health benefits.

We are looking for applicants that not only have the right technology, but have the right managerial, financial, and technological expertise to successfully bring their innovations to market. As a result, we place a lot of weight in our assessment on an applicant having the right ‘Go-to-Market Consortium’, a consortium that should include representatives of the project’s full value chain from suppliers to end users.

The SD Tech Fund is right for you if you …

  • Have an innovative and high potential clean technology at the right stage of development (beyond proof of concept, but pre-commercial)
  • Need to access funds and guidance in order to bring your technology successfully to market
  • Are prepared to enter into a contract or collaborative arrangement with partners so that your project has the right managerial, business planning, financial, strategic and technological capacity

You are right for the SD Tech Fund if you …

  • Have formed, or have the intention to form, a Canadian company to develop your clean technology innovation and carry out the majority of development and demonstration work here – we welcome the participation of international companies as consortium partners, but the lead applicant must be Canadian
  • Can prove your technology is highly innovative (new intellectual property); will bring environmental and economic benefits to Canada and aligns with SDTC’s technology priority areas
  • Have a business plan that explains the economic and environmental impact of your technology, and includes other sources of funding, and one or more industry partners

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