See below for an overview of SDTC’s funding opportunities.


SDTC Funds

SD Tech Fund

The SD Tech Fund supports projects that are pre-commercial and have the potential to demonstrate significant and quantifiable environmental and economic benefits in one or more of the following areas: climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil. Since 2001, the Government of Canada has allocated a total of $965 million for the fund.

STATUS: This fund is active and accepting applications through a continuous intake process.


NextGen Biofuels Fund

The NextGen Biofuels Fund supports the establishment of first-of-kind large demonstration-scale facilities for the production of next-generation renewable fuels.

STATUS: This fund is no longer accepting applications and its disbursement period ended March 31, 2017. The fund will continue to operate until September 30, 2027, continuing its work with projects funded during this Fund’s active life.


Joint Calls

SDTC partners with like-minded organizations to streamline funding of targeted innovation initiatives. Since moving to a continuous intake process for applications in 2016, SDTC actively works with partners to identify potential projects that may be eligible for funding on an ongoing basis.


Joint Calls Currently Accepting Applications

British Columbia’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund

Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) - Technoclimat


Joint Calls No Longer Accepting Applications

Ontario’s TargetGHG Collaborative Technology Development Program*

Emissions Reduction Alberta

Alberta Innovates

Canadian Gas Association


* Applicants who apply to either OCE or SDTC, and that meet the criteria for the TargetGHG Collaborative Technology Development Program, may be considered for joint funding on a continuous basis. There is no separate application process to access joint funding.