SDTC’s SD Tech Fund is now open for applications.

The SD Tech Fund was established to support projects that develop and demonstrate new technologies that address issues related to climate change, air quality, clean water and soil.

Complete our self-assessment questionnaire to determine if you’re eligible to apply for funding from SDTC’s SD Tech Fund: 




  1. Do you represent a Canadian company or are you willing and able to form a Canadian company?

  1. Are you developing an innovative technology (vs. being a technology adopter)?

  1. Is your technology beyond proof of concept but pre-commercial?


  1. Once commercialized, and relative to the incumbent technology, will your proposed  technology reduce GHG emissions, water consumption, or contaminants to air, soil or water?

  1. Are there risks in the development of your technology? ( i.e. are there technological obstacles that could prevent this technology from going to market?)


  1. Do you have proprietary rights to the technology?



  1. Could you form a project consortium with at least one other partner?  Preference is given to partners that are either end users or capable of market validation.


  1. Are you seeking at least $250,000 from SDTC? Given SDTC typically funds 33% of eligible project costs, is your total project cost at least $750,000?



  1. Is your development and demonstration project likely to be between and one and five years in duration?

  1. Once commercialized, is there a broad market for the technology?


If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, you may be eligible for SDTC funding. Please call a Funding Advisor at 613-234-6313 to discuss your project and next steps.