In fulfilling our commitments to accountability and transparency, SDTC publishes a series of documents detailing our objectives, strategies and progress; and our executive team’s expenses.

As part of our obligations under the Funding Agreement between SDTC and the Government of Canada, we are part of a number of audits and evaluations that examine the performance of our organization and how our mandate is fulfilled. 

Each year we host an annual public meeting and release a number of reports

SDTC is subject to the provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

SDTC has always promoted open, informal communication with its applicant community and the public. We encourage you to contact us should you be interested in obtaining more information about SDTC and our activities. 

Some of the major audits and evaluations of SDTC that have taken place since 2005 are included below, as well as our original Act.


SD Tech Fund:


SDTC has also participated in the following government-wide evaluations: