SDTC is staffed by a specialized team of experts in the fields of sustainable development, finance and technology investment.

SDTC Executive

Leah Lawrence – President and CEO

Kevin Lindsey – Acting Vice President, Performance

Zoë Kolbuc – Vice President, Partnerships

Ziyad Rahme – Vice President, Investments

SDTC Staff

Eduard Blanquet Aragó  – Financial Research Associate

Rob Barkwell – Manager, Projects

Lise Beutel – Manager, Projects – LinkedIn

Gillian Cartwright - Manager, Federal Partnerships – LinkedIn

Aman Chahal – Manager, Projects

Rod Diaz – Manager, Environmental Impact Quantification – LinkedIn

Alison Fabian – Manager, Projects

Russell Girard – Senior Manager, Screening and Evaluation - LinkedIn

Andrea Goodman – Manager, Projects

Shannon Gregory – Executive Assistant and Governance Administrator

Pascal Lanctot – Manager, Screening and Evaluation – LinkedIn

Kathleen Lee – Information Technology Manager – LinkedIn

Jason Louie – Manager, Finance

Melissa Lyon – Coordinator, Corporate Records & ATIP Services - LinkedIn

Karen Mallory – Manager, Industry

Maria Luisa Mateo  – EA and Investment Team Administrator

Tom McColeman – Manager, Screening and Evaluation

Carla Miner – Senior Manager, Investment Thesis – LinkedIn

Patrice Nadeau – Research Analyst

Courtney Norris – Communications Coordinator – (On Leave)

Pierre Paffenhoff – Technology Scout – LinkedIn

Charley Pappas – Manager, Screening and Evaluation

Pascal-Hugo Plourde – Director, Provincial Partnerships – LinkedIn

Helen Quenneville – Director, Finance & Administration

Eliane Raymond – Manager, Projects – LinkedIn

Guy Roy – Data and Reporting Coordinator

David Smith – Manager, Screening and Evaluation

Jennifer Smith – Applications & Intake Coordinator

Diana Smithson – Projects Coordinator

Geneviève Thouin – Director, Projects

Erik Veldman – Senior Manager, Corporate Results – LinkedIn

Priscilla Victor – Finance Analyst

Shelley Wilson – Executive Assistant, Office of the President and CEO