SDTC is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors with overall responsibility for stewardship and strategic direction. Seven of these members are appointed by the Government of Canada, and the remaining eight by the Members of SDTC. 

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The Member Council is comprised of individuals representing the interests of the public, private and academic sectors.

The Board has five committees: the Corporate Governance Committee, the Audit Committee, the Human Resources Committee, and two Project Review Committees.

The role of the Board and committees in SDTC’s funding allocation process is integral. Board members sit on the Foundation’s Project Review Committee alongside investment leaders from the private sector, bringing together a deep and extensive understanding of the clean-technology market. The Project Review Committee identifies technologies with strong competitive and environmental potential and oversees processes associated with funding. The Board of Directors has authority for final approval.


Board of Directors

Jim Balsillie – Chairman, Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Founder/Current Chair of the Centre for International Governance Innovation

Leanne M. Bellegarde – Director, Strategic Inclusion, Nutrien (CGC)

Geoff Cape – CEO, Evergreen (CGC)

Sarah Kavanagh – Corporate Director, Valeant Pharmaceuticals; Former Corporate Director and Commissioner, Ontario Securities Commission (AC*)

John Bradlow – Partner, Penfund (AC, HRC*)

K. Ross Creelman – Managing Director, Northern Energy Solutions Ltd. (HRC, CGC)

Judy Fairburn – Corporate Director, Former Alberta Innovates Chair & Former EVP of Cenovus Energy (HRC)

Judith Athaide

Ronald Koudys – President, Ron Koudys Landscape Architects (CGC, PRC-N)

George E. Lafond – First Nations Business Development Advisor (AC)

Jason Lee – President, Spry Consulting (PRC-S*, PRC-N)

Gary Lunn – Former Minister of Natural Resources (CGC*, PRC-S)

Ellen McGregor – President & CEO, Fielding Environmental (PRC-S)

Andrée-Lise Methot – Founder and Managing Partner, Cycle Capital Management (PRC-S)

*: Committee Chair

AC: Audit Committee
CGC: Corporate Governance Committee
HRC: Human Resources Committee
PRC-S: Project Review Committee – SD Tech Fund
PRC-N: Project Review Committee – NextGen Biofuels Fund

Member Council

Bernd Christmas – CEO, Gitpo STORMS

Timothy M. Egan – President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Gas Association

D. Christine Hollstedt, RPF – Principle, Inspiring Leadership

Wally Hunter – Managing Director, EnerTech

Brenda Kenny – Retired President and CEO, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Pierre Lapointe – President and CEO, FPInnovations

Sergio Marchi – President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Electricity Association

Susan McArthur – Managing Partner, GreenSoil Investments

John Ruffolo – Chief Executive Officer, OMERS Ventures

Kathleen Sendall – Corporate Director

Andrew T. B. Stuart – President and CEO, Isowater Corporation and Chairman of Sustainability Shift Inc.

Dan Wicklum – Chief Executive, COSIA

Project Review Committee

Leah Lawrence – Chair, Investment Committee; President & CEO, SDTC

Leo de Bever – Chairman, Nauticol Energy

Jack Gin - Jack Gin Family Foundation

Jason Lee – President, Spry Consulting

Gary Lunn – Former Minister of Natural Resources

Ian MacGregor – Chairman and CEO, NW Refining Inc.

Ellen McGregor – CEO, Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.

Andrée-Lise Methot – Founder and Managing Partner, Cycle Capital Management

Christian Zabbal – Managing Director, Black Coral Capital

Rosemary Zigrossi – President, Odaamis Inc.