The Government of Canada funds innovation in many ways; how is SDTC different?

Our mission is to work with entrepreneurs to help them bring their cleantech innovations to market. Our approach is characterised by our willingness to take on risk.

Private investors seek a safe return on their investment – it’s in their nature. Since innovation is never risk-free, entrepreneurs with ground-breaking technologies often find it difficult to attract investment.  This is a problem, and not just for these entrepreneurs, but for Canada -- lack of financing is the main reason why many promising Canadian innovations never make it from the lab to the market, dying instead at the capital-intensive development and demonstration phase.

Cleantech solutions have an especially hard time in attracting private sector investment, because they are game-changers – risky by definition. That’s where we come in. We fund cleantech projects and coach entrepreneurs to support their path to success. It’s our way of ensuring Canadian cleantech innovation grows and prospers.

We support only the most innovative technologies – those with the right potential: the potential to meet market demand and to achieve Canada’s environmental and economic goals.