At Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), we fund Canadian cleantech projects and coach the companies that lead them as they move their ground-breaking technologies to market.

SDTC’s support of cleantech translates into jobs, growth, and export opportunities for Canadian companies, as well as economic, environmental and health benefits for all Canadians. 

We are independent but don’t work alone. A big part of our role is building and sustaining networks of partners and stakeholders from private industry, academia and governments, at home and abroad. We operate at arm’s length and receive funding from the Government of Canada.



“SDTC works to bring economically viable, clean technologies to market. We invest in globally competitive Canadian companies that produce tangible environmental benefits that also makes Canada's economy more competitive.” 

Jim Balsillie
Chair of SDTC


Why cleantech?

Why is SDTC focussed squarely on cleantech? The answer is simple: Cleantech is good business. 
Cleantech refers to technologies that improve business performance while using resources more responsibly, and that reduce or eliminate negative environmental impact. 

While cleantech is often associated with water, wind and soil-focused technologies, cleantech is much broader. Imagine an oilfield producing more oil while using less water and producing less waste. Or a hyper-efficient heating-and-cooling system for large buildings. Or waste from a sawmill transformed into fuel that heats nearby communities.

Canada’s cleantech industry:
  • Consists of over 800 companies, mostly SMEs, operating in 10 sectors, in every region of Canada
  • Directly employs 55,000 Canadians
  • $17B in revenues and growing
  • Transforms many industries:
    • oil and gas
    • mining
    • power generation
    • transportation
    • agriculture
    • forestry and forest products
    • water and energy efficiency