SDTC's current priority areas include:

  • Responsible resource development: Mitigate environmental impacts associated with Canada’s natural resource sector through technologies in the oil and gas, mining, and forestry sectors.
  • Next generation transportation: Technologies related to next generation vehicles having reduced emissions and higher energy efficiency, with a focus on freight transportation.
  • Resource and energy efficiency: Technologies that encourage energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes, with a focus on industrial water use efficiency.
  • Clean energy: Technologies that enable clean energy production, distributed power generation and energy storage as well as technologies related to carbon capture and storage, integrated energy systems, and biorefinery/biochemical production.
  • Agriculture: Technologies that increase yield and improve temperature and drought resistance of agricultural crops, mitigate land-use changes and biodiversity loss and diversify farm incomes.
  • Northern and remote communities: Innovative technologies and solutions for self-sufficiency in smaller communities, such as food security, heavy-lif-t transportation, small-scale renewable energy and microgrid applications.

The SD Natural Gas Fund™, a collaboration with the Canadian Gas Association, focuses on the following priority areas.

  • Residential (small-scale affordable CHP units, ultra-efficient water heaters, technologies that improve the efficiency of residential heating and/or cooling)
  • Commercial (technologies that improve the efficiency of heating systems, measurement and data management to better control natural gas consumption, natural gas cooling systems)
  • Industrial (higher-efficiency industrial heating equipment, CO2 capture systems, less energy-intensive hydrogen production)
  • Power generation (higher efficiency power generation, emissions control technologies, natural gas storage solutions for remote locations)
  • Transportation (more efficient and lower emission natural gas engines, alternative natural gas engines, lower-cost solutions)
  • Renewable natural gas (technologies that improve cleanup economics, cost-effective small-scale anaerobic digesters)

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