Funding Niche

Answering the need

Between research and commercialization lie the critical stages of development and demonstration: the points at which technologies leave the laboratory and undergo conclusive real-world testing.

Traditionally, development and demonstration have suffered from a financing gap, making them a weak link in what’s known as the innovation chain. That gap has proved to be a significant barrier to market entry for many Canadian entrepreneurs, especially those involved in developing sustainable technologies, the market for which is still emerging. This gap has had a negative impact on the return of investment for ‘upstream’ research; Canada has not consistently obtained revenues from the successful commercialization of technologies

Our aim is to increase each project’s chances of success to market and to help Canadian entrepreneurs carry out their innovation efforts within Canada. To that end, we support only those technologies that have demonstrated their potential to meet market demand and help achieve Canada’s environmental goals for reducing the effects of climate change and improving air, soil and water quality. By taking these steps, we effectively de-risk clean technologies and prepare them for downstream financing.

SDTC bridges the funding gap in the innovation chain.

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