Board of Directors

Jim Balsillie - Chairman, Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Founder/Current Chair of the Centre for International Governance Innovation

Sarah Kavanagh - Corporate Director and Commissioner, Ontario Securities Commission (Vice-Chair, A&GIC)

David Pollock - Co-ordinator of Finance and Administration of Citizens for Public Justice (Vice-Chair, CGC, PRC-S)

John Bradlow – Partner, Penfund (A&GIC, HRC*)

Michael J. Brown - President and CEO, Emergex Capital Partners (PRC-S)

K. Ross Creelman - Managing Director, Marwood Ltd. (HRC, CGC)

Daniel Gagnier - Chairman, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) (PRC-N*, A&GIC)

Ronald Koudys - President, Ron Koudys Landscape Architects (PRC-N)

Jason Lee – President, Spry Consulting (PRC-S**, PRC-N)

Gary Lunn – Former Minister of Natural Resources (CGC*, PRC-S)

Juergen Puetter – President, Aeolis Wind Power Corporation; President, Blue Fuel Energy Corp. (HRC)

Dr. Jacques Simoneau - President and CEO, Univalor (A&GIC*, PRC-N)

*: Committee Chair
**: Acting Committee Chair

A&GIC: Audit and Grant Investment Committee
CGC: Corporate Governance Committee
HRC: Human Resources Committee
PRC-S: Project Review Committee –SD Tech Fund
PRC-N: Project Review Committee – NextGen Biofuels Fund